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My name is Ernie Andrus. I am a World War II Navy Veteran. I turned 90 in August, 2013. I put my foot in the Pacific Ocean near San Diego, California on October 7, 2013 and reached the Atlantic Ocean, Saint Simons Island, Georgia on August 20, 2016. (one day after my 93rd birthday}. I am 95 now and will start running the same course in reverse on March 16, 2019. I finished the first run in 999 hours, 32 minutes and I second. I am only running 13 miles a week now so it will take me 5 years. (I’ll be 100 years old), should I live that long.

This feat is being undertaken to raise money for the LST 325 Ship Memorial. The LST 325 is a World War II era ship used to land equipment and troops on hostel shores. I was one of the crew that brought the ship back from the Isle. of Crete, Greece to the U.S. in 2000/2001, as aired on the History Chanel. (The Return of LST 325). One thousand fifty one LST’s were built during World War II. The 325 is the only one left that is restored and operational. My dream is to take the ship back to Normandy for a D-Day Memorial. I didn’t raise near enough money on my first run so I’m trying again.

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Run Progress:

I ran from Mission Beach, San Diego, California to the old Coast Guard Station, Saint Simons Island, Georgia. I made it in 2 years, ten months taking 1 week off for each Christmas, three weeks when my wife passed away and a week to receive the Al Clark Award at the Whiskey Row Marathon, Prescott, Arizona. (Al Clark was a friend, a fellow runner and one of Prescott’s outstanding citizens.) I felt very honored to be even compared with this great athlete.

I finished my first coast to coast run in 999 hours, 32 minutes and 1 second. 429 legs, 2,631.8 miles. Average pace 22:47! Average leg 6.13 miles! Average miles per week 18.4!


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Destination: San Diego, California

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