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My name is Ernie Andrus. I ran across the U. S. from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. I turned 90, August of 2013. I started by touching the Pacific ocean at Mission Beach, San Diego, CA on October 7, 2013 and reached the Atlantic ocean at the old Coast Guard Station, Saint Simons Island on August 20, 2016 (one day after my 93rd birthday).

After two years running the same course in Banning California I got bored and decided to run back the other way. I started my run at the old Coast Guard Station on Saint Simons Island on March 16, 2019. I am 95 years old now and only running 13 miles per week so it will take me five years to reach the Pacific.

The feat is undertaken to raise money for the LST 325 Ship Memorial. I was one of the crew that brought the ship back from the Isle of Crete, Greece in 2000/2001 as aired on the History Chanel “The Return of LST 325”. One thousand fifty one LST’s were built during World War II. The 325 is the only one left that is fully restored and operational. It is my dream to take the ship back to Normandy for a D-Day Memorial.

I made it through 5 states and was running in Texas when I had to leave to take care of some health issues. John Martin was accompanying me on this run and vowed he’d finish it for me. I caught the Covid Virus and spent 20 days in the hospital. Regaining my strength has been a slow process so I had a pacemaker installed. When I get all my health issues taken care of I’ll join him and run into the Pacific Ocean at Mission Beach, San Diego, California at 12:00 noon, August 19, 2023 (my 100th birthday).

I need runners and volunteers to join me on this journey.
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